Ashley's Dollhouse

Note from Ashley's Dad: In August of 1998, a group of miniature hobbyists contacted me by e-mail to inform me that their group had decided to provide Ashley with a handmade dollhouse, complete with all kinds of miniatures with which to furnish and decorate the house. For about a month, packages arrived daily from all over the country containing miniatures. Then in mid-September, the dollhouse itself arrived. Ashley absolutely loved her dollhouse, and often spent hours changing out the furnishings in the rooms, or simply looking through all the miniatures and playing with them. This web page was created initially so that the people who so generously provided this wonderful gift could see the result of their labor of love.

Ashley died of recurrent brain tumors in November 2001. I have left the personal references below intact, as though Ashley herself is taking you on a personal tour of her dollhouse.

You may click on any picture to see it enlarged.

Front View Here is a front view of my beautiful dollhouse, with me sitting beside it.
Inside View Here is an inside view of the dollhouse.
Bathroom Close-up of the bathroom (top left).
Play Room Close-up of the Play Room (top right). The boxes behind Raggedy Ann and Andy are tiny replicas of board games.
Baby's Room Close-up of the Baby's Room (middle left). Notice the wallpaper and border, and the tiny pull-toys under the window.
Baby's Room Another close-up of the Baby's Room, from a different angle. The door in the back right corner leads into the Master Bedroom.
Master Bedroom Master Bedroom (middle right). The white box on the left side of the room, in front of the rocking chair, is the top of the stairwell coming from the living room below.
Cuckoo Clock Close-up of the Cuckoo Clock hanging on the right-side wall in the Master Bedroom, and the chair underneath it. Notice the candle and the box of tissues on the floor next to the chair.
Kitchen Kitchen (bottom left).
Stove Close-up of the Stove.
Living Room Living Room (bottom right), with front door standing open. Stairwell on left leads up to Master Bedroom. Notice the potted plant under the window.
Piano Close-up of Piano underneath Stairwell. Notice the detail on the Sheet Music.
Grandfather Clock Close-up of Grandfather Clock.
Living Room Another picture of the Living Room, from a different angle.
Dog House My Dollhouse even has its own Dog House, complete with Dog! It's hard to tell from the picture, but the dog house is carpeted inside. Notice the dog food bowl (with food) in front of the dog house.
Jack-o'-Lanterns And finally, here is my collection of miniature Jack-o'-Lanterns!
Tiny Talk I want to say a very special "THANK YOU" to all my wonderful new friends at Tiny Talk for my beautiful dollhouse and all the wonderful furnishings and other miniatures to go along with it! You have introduced me to a whole new world that is absolutely fascinating! Thank you so much!

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