as told by her brother
Justin Paul O'Rear

CHAPTER 1: The Beginning

          On April 27, 1987, a beautiful girl named Ashley O'Rear came into the life of her loving mother Susan O'Rear and her loving father Paul O'Rear. She lived in a city called Corpus Christi, Texas. After she was born Paul, Susan, and Ashley O'Rear moved to a small town called Waxahachie, Texas. After two years of having mom and dad all to her self, a new member was born into the family. His name was Justin O'Rear. Oh, and by the way, Justin is me, Ashley's brother. Well, after about two years of living in Waxahachie, we moved to a town called Georgetown, Texas. We moved in with my grandmother Bettie O'Rear. We were there for about a year. Then we moved back to Waxahachie. This is were the story actually begins.

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