as told by her brother
Justin Paul O'Rear

CHAPTER 2: The First Sign

          We had gone on a ski trip with our youth group at College Street Church of Christ. Ashley was about 10 years old. Towards the end of our trip Ashley got real sick. She got so sick she had to go to the hospital. She had started getting double vision and blurred vision. We thought it was just part of the sickness she had. So we continued the ski trip and got home safely. That night we had rented the movie "Harriet the Spy". We had just started it and Ashley started complaining that she was seeing double. So, not knowing what else to do, we called a friend from church who was an eye doctor. He said to bring her over to his house so he could check her out. Right after he had checked her out he said "Take her immediately to Children's Medical Center of Dallas." While I stayed at a friend's house my parents and Ashley went up to Children's. The next day the doctor told us the news. He said, "Your daughter has a brain tumor!"

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