as told by her brother
Justin Paul O'Rear

CHAPTER 6: The Horrible Ending

          On November 23, 2001, Ashley wanted to go shopping. The family was going to Dallas, Texas, to shop. Ashley wasn't doing too well so they decided to let her go only around the town to shop while Susan and Justin stayed home. Ashley was real tired. She was falling asleep in her wheelchair, but when my other grandmother, Laverne Moore, said to her that they needed to go home she would say, "Okay, but let's go down this aisle first." So they did. When they got home Justin was leaving to go to a friend's house (Garrett Pope). Well the next day, while Justin went shopping with Garrett, Ashley wasn't doing too well. Susan called Garrett's mom and asked her to bring Justin by the house because Ashley wasn't doing good at all. When Justin got there, there was a ton of cars all around. Justin didn't know what was going on. When he went inside his mother's bedroom she had told him that Ashley had died. Justin started thinking and crying. "I didn't even get to say goodbye." He started crying some more. After that there was a lot of love and support given to us. We thank all of those who did.

The End

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