FRIDAY, JULY 25, 1997


I am happy to report that Ashley's nausea and vomiting, which had been somewhat severe for a few days during and immediately following this last round of chemo . . . seems to have subsided. She has now gone two days and three nights without significant vomiting (I think she did once Wednesday, but didn't get sick at all yesterday!). Thank the Lord for small blessings!


We went to our family doctor here in Waxahachie yesterday, as we have been doing almost weekly for some time now, to get Ashley's bloodwork done. This is about the time after the previous round of chemo that Ashley's blood counts bottomed out and she caught a fever and had to be put back in the hospital.

Well, this time, her counts came back looking great! Thank the Lord for bigger-than-small blessings!


Yesterday afternoon we took Susan to the orthopedist to have him take another look at her broken ankle. She has been in tremendous and almost constant pain for the last few days, and was worried that she might have further injured her broken ankle somehow. Dr. Boone did x-rays and said that the ankle bone has not moved out of line any, so things are still looking good. Susan should heal just fine without having to resort to surgery. Thank the Lord for great big, huge blessings!


Ashley and Justin have already started back to school, because their elementary school is on a "year-round" schedule. Yesterday, we took Ashley up to the school to visit her class. We stayed for about 45 minutes, and she did some work in class with the rest of the students.

Ashley is officially set up on the school district's "Home Bound" program, so that all of the required work can be done here at home under the guidance of a school-appointed tutor. However, we plan to let her go up to the school quite a bit this year, when she feels up to it, to participate with the other students.

Ashley's tutor, Miss Mayberry (her fourth-grade teacher from last year, who has taken a special, personal interest in Ashley, and who we have come to appreciate dearly) came by the house yesterday evening just to check on Ashley and to set up a time to get started on the tutoring. That will officially begin this evening.


We are still waiting on word from the mortgage company as to whether or not we will qualify for the mortgage loan to buy the house we are wanting to buy. According to the loan officer, things are still looking favorable, and we should have some idea today as to whether or not this is going to work out. We have been praying hard that it will, so that the kids will have a little bit more room and a house to call "ours".


A few days ago, I got an e-mail from a guy named Jason who co-authors a weekly column called "Digital Nation" for the New York Times on-line edition. He had run across Ashley's Cancer Page while surfing the net and was touched by what he read. "As the father of a six-year-old I can only imagine the terror and suffering that this all must have caused you and your family. I hope things are going well."

Then Wednesday, I got a phone call from Jason. He "interviewed" me over the phone to learn more about our situation. He was particularly interested in the role that the Internet and e-mail have played in the development of Ashley's Story (his column deals with the human side of technology, and how it affects people's lives). In today's issue of the New York Times on-line edition is the article that Jason wrote, complete with a picture of Ashley. You can read the article here.


Once again, thank you for your concern and prayers for Ashley. She is a strong girl, and God has certainly been gracious in providing His strength and comfort to us. God bless you.

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